Mixed Media Artist

“I was born in Ghana, and relocated to Canada at the age of 6. With no friends and a challenge with the language drawing became my voice.

Dedicated to a future as an artist, I was selected to attend the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD University), where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in creative advertising. Ironically, it was while attending OCAD that I began to lose my passion for art (for a number of systemic reasons). In 2017 however, I endured a life-changing experience which brought me back to using art for a purpose!

Growing up as a young dark skin Girl from Ghana, was not easy. I was on a mission to create images of melanated beauty the way I perceived it, not in the way I was taught to view it. I wanted my creations to showcase the beauty that I saw in my family, friends, and people I came across in life. I draw girls that look like me because when you live in a system that does its best to make you feel unseen, its so important to find something that makes you feel seen. I want to show girls like me that we are art too.

I chose to do this by using a mixture of medias, such as: watercolour, ink, graphite, pastel, charcoal and digital art.

My Portraits are amalgamated with abstract doodles to showcase that we are striking, graceful, bold, uniquely melanated, beautifully.”


© Jaidan Royal